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About Hat Community

Welcome to Hat Community!

Hat Community is a community website for creatives who work directly or indirectly within the Millinery & Hat making industry.

If you are one of the following, then Hat Community is for you:

  • Milliners & Hat Makers (Modern, Traditional, Theatrical, Street, et cetera) ...

  • Flower makers, designers ...

  • Feather makers, designers ...

  • Block makers, designers ...

  • Fashion designers...

  • Costume designers...

  • Collectors of hats ...

  • Any one who loves hats ...

  • A complete newbie/novice to the wonderful world of hats and hatmaking ...

  • and Now you are home with people just like you...





Associations & Guilds

Milliners Directory




Magazine Subscriptions



Millinery books

Millinery Essentials




Hats in the News


Suppliers & Shops

Free Books

Free Digital Tools


Global Community

Hat Community is

your new virtual hat hub for Hat-loving friends! 

 You can pop into the forums to ask questions or

chat about your latest hat projects, local hat events,

or even non-hat-subjects!

Join a group focused on

Buy & Sell or favorite designer or shop 

or techniques, your local area,

or other common interests.

Why not create your own group!

Read wonderful Blogs!

Keep abreast with the latest in

the world of Millinery!

Adding Hatters to your friends will let you

follow along with what they are making -

feel free to start with now!


Hat Community is a

data driven website. 
Competitions upcoming and

history of past competitions, 
Calendar of events, Courses, et cetera...
Each with filters and

specific search criterias to help you
find what you are looking for!
You can also search directories of Associations 
around the world, an extensive suppliers & 
specialist shops lists, magazines, jobs, et cetera...
The data is built by you the users,

so you can add to it, or

help our editors make sure

it is accurate and

kept up to date.

Single MarketPlace

Our MarketPlace is

a single place to find

all things millinery.

not-limited geographically.
Start with downloading 
Free Digitial Tools &  

Free Books or
Do you want Buy & Sell or 
are you just looking 

for something in 'Wanted' or 
perhaps you just want 'Rentals'

Find the best

Millinery Books &

Millinery Essentials
online in one place 
(all under one hat :-))

We thank you for being part of the  Global Hat Community, and taking the time to know us a bit better on this page...

Have fun being part of a fast growing community of people just like you!

For tips on getting the most out of our site, please check out our Help pages!

Many thanks,

Hat Community Team

Hat Community Team

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